Protect yourself online from hackers and identity thieves.

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  • Cyber Security OK fight cybercrime!

    Nearly 3.5 million Dutch victims of cybercrime in 2017. (For Europe 400 million victims for an amount of 16 billion euros in 2016)

    In 2017, around 1.3 billion euros were found to have been stolen from more than three million consumers in the Netherlands alone. And especially those who were very connected turned out to be victims.

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  • Protect yourself online from hackers and identity thieves.

    The dark side of the internet is home to hackers and thieves that want to steal your data and identity. They prey on you when you least expect it and their activities can wind up costing you not just your hard-earned cash, but also your sanity. Luckily, there is a way to protect yourself when you are online. Arm yourself against these criminal elements with a 1 year Cyber Security OK Subscription from OK WebTV A CSOK, or Cyber Security OK, provides an easy way to encrypt your data and hide your identity when you are online. They are an absolute must have these days, especially if you frequently use public Wi-Fi, cellular data networks, or corporate networks.

    Cyber Security OK offers subscribers double the encryption, ensuring their data will never fall into the wrong hands. A strict ‘no log’ policy means your internet activity isn’t recorded so it can never be compromised, and we features a ‘kill switch’ that will instantly cut your internet feed if your CSOK connection ever gets dropped. Plus, with Cyber Security OK Subscription, there are no data limits, you can connect two devices at the same time, and it’s simple to set up and use so anyone, regardless of their computer literacy, can get online protection. Best of all, a 1 year subscription for € 19,99 per month.

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  • Safe and private access to the internet
    Cyber Security OK Subscription is a kind of encrypted tunnel for your online traffic that is protected against hackers. No one can see what is going through the tunnel and nobody can get your internet data. With CSOK Subscription you can use public Wi-Fi connections with confidence, check your personal and work accounts on the go or simply protect your browsing history.

    Hide my IP address
    Everyone on the internet has a public IP address. Every time you connect to the internet, you’re sharing that IP address with every website, app, and service you use. But if you use a CSOK Subscription, websites, apps, and services will see the public IP address of our server instead of your personal device. This is what it means to “hide my IP” or “change my IP”: Websites, apps, and services may not even know that your IP address has been hidden or changed. From their perspective, you are simply an anonymous internet user.

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  • Why do I need a Cyber Security OK?
    Security and privacy are the main reasons why someone needs a CSOK.
    You should seriously consider a CSOK if you want to surf the net extra safely.

    Benefits of Cyber Security OK Subscription (CSOK)

    Get privacy protection, Wi-Fi security, unrestricted access to content, and much more
    Unblock websites
    Enjoy private web browsing
    Get enhanced Wi-Fi security
    Help protect your bank info, passwords & downloads from snoopers

    Practical applications of the subscription:

    Safe internet access on public Wi-Fi networks

    On a public Wi-Fi network, the (Wi-Fi) network administrator or a hacker can intercept your data.
    A smart hacker can do that even if you visit encrypted (https / SSL) websites.
    With CSOK your complete connection is encrypted so you can e-mail more securely or internet banking via Wi-Fi.

    More privacy or more anonymous internet

    Third parties such as internet providers, government agencies and advertising companies cannot follow you well if you use CSOK. And is also often used to download more anonymously.

    Eliminate regional blockages

    Television broadcasters sometimes screen online TV for foreigners and therefore also for Dutch holidaymakers. With CSOK you can pretend you are still in your country. Despite the censorship you can reach certain channels and websites abroad.

    Set Up: CSOK has its own software / apps for all operating systems. With this software you often do nothing else than to install, select a server / country and press the connect button

    The professional solution is a Cyber Security OK Subscription for just € 19,95 per month!

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  • + OK Streaming Stick + Play online for free on more than 10.000 video/online Games.


    Watch your favorite content! (Unblock Websites + Unlimited Streaming)
    Hide your IP address and location! (Browse Anonymously + no ads )
    Encrypt your communications!
    Stay safe from hackers and thieves! (Secure banking)
    We don’t monitor or log your activities!
    Prevent third parties from tracking you!
    You want to avoid local and foreign government surveillance
    Wi-Fi Safety 101

    Get 1 year a OK Cyber Security Subscription for just € 19,95 p.m. + OK Streaming Stick + Play online for free on more than 10.000 video/online Games.

    A OK Streaming Stick does not need a separate HDMI Cable, instead it plugs directly into an available HDMI input on your TV. After your Streaming Stick starts up, connect to your wireless network and activate your OK account to start streaming.

    Our Cyber Security OK Subscription



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